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Founded in 1994 by the Migliazzo brothers, Posterworx has seen its fair share of the printing evolution. John Migliazzo started in prepress at his family’s shop, Missouri Engravers. He cut his printing teeth on graphic arts, litho, film stripping and letter press. Some call it old school. Some appreciate it for what it is — a lot of experience that he brings to every print project Posterworx delivers.

Like all entrepreneurs, John started Posterworx, a full-service printing company, with an idea. Well, a machine. The Calcomp electrostatic plotter could print posters, though it was designed to plot schematics for engineers. The Calcomp started this wave of digital printing that we all ride today. But Posterworx was the first to hop on. The machine was purchased and installed in John’s in-law’s barn. Soon, unanticipated vermin proved too much and it was moved into John’s basement.

The earliest customers, like Sprint, didn’t care where it was. Only that it made it possible to easily print posters, banners and signs. Some of Kansas City’s most renowned advertising agencies still rely on Posterworx for their large format print projects. Posterworx grew up with some of these agencies back when they were all just starting out in this fun, crazy business. Today, you’ve seen our work all over town — the Kauffman Center, Kansas City Auto Museum, the Alamo Draft House, Kansas City — City Hall, YRC Freight and St. Luke’s to name a few.

While large format printing equipment and processes have changed dramatically, some things will and should never change. Like experience and service. Like taking your work personally. Too often, large format print jobs don’t turn out as spectacular as they could.

Why? Because printers need color skills, design know-how and a lot of expertise. They need to know what they’re talking about. That’s why other printing companies turn to Posterworx when they need large format print done right the first time. We run samples or test prints to make sure the end result will be what the customer expects. We’re always on time. And we can deliver that day, even if that means spending some nights babysitting our large format printing presses.

The true measure of a great printing company is determined by how problems are handled. We don’t blame it on the file, the designer, the weather or anything else. If something isn’t right, we’ll make it right. Period. And we never say no. If we can’t handle your print job in-house, we know someone who can. That’s the beauty of having strong, long-term connections. That’s the benefit of trusting Posterworx with your large format projects.

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